Sunnythesquirrel is a scammer on Animal Jam.


They commonly scam betas and/or items with medium value. This jammer frequents Aldan and usually advertises that they're giving away every item in their den. The way this jammer scam is by trust trading, except they give the option of you declining.
They have another account, Larilady, which is used in most of their scams.
Their main account, if it isn't sunnythesquirrel, is unknown. Although, there is obvious evidence that it could be "thejellyjamwølf", but it isn't concrete enough to convict them.

As of May 9th, 2020, this account has not been logged into in over 30 days, which disproves the fact that Sunnythesquirrel is their main account. Considering that Larilady was banned, that could not have been their main account either.


Sunny's appearance varies, but their main look is a pink wolf named Enchanted Magicpaws, with a white, lightning pattern, and dark grey underfur. The wolf is wearing pink Candy Cane Horns, a pink Racing Jacket and a pink Left Heart Necklace.


Decked out to the max to appeal to their method of scamming (see About).

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